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Infrared Sauna Detox 


Foot detox 

Cavi lipo

Butt /breast enhancements 

Waist trainer fitting & more! Everything can be booked online using the link below! 

None invasive Cavi Lipo (fat burning) cellulite removal, stretch mark& more! Stomach, Arms, Backfat, Thighs, &More! 

The Cavi-Lipo is effective for all body areas where localized fat deposits or cellulite exists that are resistant to diet and exercise. Yes, Cavi lipo is the only ultra sound device that is effective on cellulite. It works with high Ultrasound/cavitation by focusing the cavitation effect on the superficial fat tissue

Ideal for mums, body builders, general fat loss and so much more such as stretch marks, cellulite and stubborn fat! *Cavi-lipo - Fat burning , skin tightening

.*Brazilian butt enhancements with a natural butt lift using the cupping technique. It gradually lifts and pumps the buttocks.  The cupping butt lift treatment helps tone , plump, lifting connective tissue and this helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and help the blood flow, making the skin look and feel better. Rids body of inflammation, lifts connective tissue, loosen adhesions, along with reducing the appearance of cellulite by toning tissue.

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